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Do you have a team or corporate event coming up? 3 Voices offers a number of award-winning team-building and keynote experiences that are the absolute perfect blend of creative content, interaction and excitement. Each experience is unique and will be customized to suit your organization’s goals, values, mission, current challenges or upcoming initiatives. Contact us today and let’s get started planning your experience!

Team and Events

Key Takeways

  • Create stronger bonds and breakthrough moments that will change the way you work, innovate, lead, and communicate together as a team.
  • Collaborate, communicate, and stay flexible while working together to achieve a common goal.
  • Explore the power of creativity. Unlock your ability to spark innovation, personal growth, and overall mastery in what you do everyday.
You Are Here workshop


Christina Lim

“The CEO from the smartest company in the world just told you the experience was amazing. How cool is that? Thanks again for the great partnership and for making our global leadership event a phenomenal experience for our leaders!”

Rich Hoffman

“3 Voices led a thought- provoking experience for our Worldwide Leadership Event. They challenged our leaders to think differently and their message helped inspire our organization toward a cultural shift -- one that begins with changing leadership behaviors.”

Heather Davidson

“3 Voices delivered an inspiring retreat that exceeded expectations. Through a blend of reflective activities, we reconnected with our personal values while gaining greater clarity on how to accomplish our mission. We understand each other on deeper levels and we’re a stronger, more effective team as a result.”

Tessa Riess Norton

"I've had the opportunity to see Tamara present a few times over the past few years at conferences and always get so much out of each keynote. You really feel like she's having a conversation with you about your needs even when there are a hundred people in the room. I always walk away brainstorming new ideas and with a few actionable takeaways that I still use today. Thanks Tamara!"

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