Leadership Development Experiences

Their Voice: Elevating the Voices of Those You Lead


The world of work is changing quickly and current times are calling for us to be better and different leaders. What exactly does this look like? Where do we begin?  What do our teams need? What do we do to keep our people engaged and help move them to action?

True leaders rise by raising others. Elevate is a revolutionary leadership development experience designed to help leaders at all levels engage and inspire those they lead through their actions not words.  Elevate will take your leadership skills to a whole new level and will give you the tools to lift up those you lead.

Key Takeways

  • Build relational leadership skills and learn how that knowledge will help motivate and inspire those you lead
  • Develop the muscle of curiosity and the skill of motivational listening so that your teams feel seen and heard
  • Sharpen your questioning skills in order to uncover what is beneath the surface and to unleash a new world of possibilities
  • Learn a whole new perspective on feedback and develop the skills that truly promote a growth mindset.
  • Design a communication cadence that will engage, inspire and help them achieve their individual goals
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Rocky Sheng

"What you created was far more than a Leadership Development program. Our participants and corporate partners walked away with a level of personal and professional growth that will serve them both in life and on the job."

Cindy Nevarez

“This leadership experience hit all the marks. Awesome job leveraging the tools and manager relationships in the room to maximize the experience.”

Margie Tlapa

“As a leader, I feel that the ability to understand what motivates an individual is extremely crucial. Having this understanding puts me in a position to be a far more effective leader.”

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