Virtual Solutions

Adapting to the New Workplace in the Age of COVID-19

The workplace is changing locations.

To adapt to this new world of work, each and every program we offer has been converted to a highly engaging and interactive virtual experience! In addition, 3 Voices can help you lead your teams effectively and master the art of connection no matter where anyone is working from. Here are two new offerings that are specific to both presenting and leading in a virtual world!

Presenting in a Virtual World

Course Description: As humans we communicate every single second of every single day, not just through our words but with our energy, our body language, and our eyes. Mastering the art of face to face communication is a skill that warrants time, focus, constant practice and discipline. But today’s times have called for that same level of mastery through the barrier of virtual technology.

Presenting in a Virtual World is a communications program that gives you the capacity to unleash your story, master your message and captivate your audience within the challenges of a virtual environment. Whether it’s a high stake presentation, a sales pitch or a critical conversation, this session will unlock your ability to connect, inspire and engage your virtual audience all while achieving your ultimate goal.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover brilliant techniques to unleash your story and master a message through a strategic virtual game plan that will move your audience to action
  • Explore a new formula for the development of a true virtual experience
  • Confront any fears holding you back from a powerful delivery and create permanent confidence to present and connect with any virtual audience
  • Uncover the power of mastering verbal and non-verbal techniques in a virtual environment in order to keep your audience engaged and inspired
  • Build connection strategies that will enhance both the credibility and likeability needed to win over your virtual audience

Timing: 90-120 Minute Session Options

Participants: Max 20

Leading in a Virtual World

Course Description: The world of work is changing quickly and current times are calling for us to be better and different leaders. What exactly does this look like? Where do we begin?  What do our teams need? What do we do to keep our people engaged and help move them to action?

Leading in a Virtual World was designed to answer all of those questions while giving you the tools to maintain a secure, happy and engaged workforce.  Acting in the face of uncertainty is easier said than done; but developing agility and the skills to connect in this new environment are more important than ever. The new skills and behaviors we develop now will help serve us in these difficult times and beyond.  Leading in a Virtual World was designed to give leaders the ability to connect and inspire through a virtual lens in order to make an immediate difference in the lives and work of those they lead.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the brain science around fear and uncertainty and how it impacts those we lead
  • Design strategies that allow the individuals on your teams to feel seen and heard
  • Explore how to increase visibility to decrease uncertainty
  • Create a communication sequence that promotes comfort and engagement
  • Develop new leadership behaviors that will serve you well beyond these trying times

Timing: 90 Minute Session

Participants: Max 20

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