You Are Here

A New and Transformative Team Experience

Team Building

People are returning to the office or to a new hybrid work environment and things don’t look as they did before. There has been a different rhythm in both our work and personal lives. New people have been hired and existing team members have all had unique and personal experiences around work.

Where is each person’s “here”? What does all this mean? What habits or patterns do we want to keep? What needs to change? What can we leverage?

Welcome to YOU ARE HERE – a transformative team experience designed to answer those questions, capture the stories, and create a new path forward.

Key Takeways

  • Experience creative team building activities designed to learn about each other on a deeper level.
  • Extract the experiences and stories needed to surface important data.
  • Develop new goals and team norms that promote a strong team culture and serve you well beyond these times.
  • Collaborate around the future of work and create stronger bonds and breakthrough moments.
  • Take away some research-based best practices and experience-informed strategies for the office, home or hybrid environments.


Christina Lim

“The CEO from the smartest company in the world just told you the experience was amazing. How cool is that? Thanks again for the great partnership and for making our global leadership event a phenomenal experience for our leaders!”

Rich Hoffman

“3 Voices led a thought- provoking experience for our Worldwide Leadership Event. They challenged our leaders to think differently and their message helped inspire our organization toward a cultural shift -- one that begins with changing leadership behaviors.”

Heather Davidson

“3 Voices delivered an inspiring retreat that exceeded expectations. Through a blend of reflective activities, we reconnected with our personal values while gaining greater clarity on how to accomplish our mission. We understand each other on deeper levels and we’re a stronger, more effective team as a result.”

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