My Secret to Falling in Love

By Tamara Carrillo McLeod February 14, 2024

February is the month of LOVE, and my wish for you is to fall head over heels in love with presenting!

Have you ever noticed how effortless it is for people to have a conversation around something they’re passionate about? Yet, when it comes to delivering a presentation, even the most confident individuals can feel a twinge of apprehension. It doesn’t have to be this way. Finding a love for presenting is actually possible for each and every one of us.

Presenting is a genuine passion that I’ve cultivated over the years. I’ve come to love the art of presenting because I’ve trained my mind to view presentations as conversations rather than performances. This shift in perspective has made all the difference in how I approach each opportunity to share my knowledge and insights with others.

So…here are my three secrets to falling in love with presenting:


Presenting is not about standing on a stage and reciting information—it’s not a performance either! Presenting is about connecting with your audience on a human level. Take some time to think about who you really are as a person and communicator outside of presentations. How do you show up in conversations? Do you have a sense of humor, or are you a bit more serious? Do you use hand gestures or other non-verbal elements to help convey your message? When do you feel your strongest in communication settings and where do you feel most vulnerable? These are some of the questions that make up your authentic communication profile. Once you are in touch with your profile, you will be in a position to embrace your authentic self and let your passion shine through in every presentation. When you speak from the heart, it creates a genuine connection with your audience, making the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.


Mindful preparation has become a cornerstone of my presentation routine. This approach allows me to look at the content that needs to be delivered in a holistic way rather than as a series of bullet points, objectives, or slides. Never look at your presentation as a script that needs to be memorized. The key is to find a way to connect deeply to the material and develop a strategy to convey that message in a way that feels natural and makes sense to you. Once you are able to organize your thoughts coherently, begin to practice mindfulness techniques like deep breathing and visualization. Such mindful preparation not only fosters confidence and composure during presentations, but also guarantees your ability to adapt and actively engage with your audience in real-time.


A presentation is NEVER really about you; it is about your audience. One of the most fulfilling aspects of presenting, for me, is the opportunity to engage with my audience. I never view presentations as one-sided conversations but rather as opportunities for a collaborative exchange of ideas. Actively encouraging interaction by posing questions, sharing personal anecdotes, and integrating multimedia elements helps to keep your audience engaged and involved. When you engage with your audience, it alleviates the feeling that 100% of the focus and pressure is on you. By fostering an interactive and participatory environment, both you and your audience can fully enjoy the presentation.

In essence, presenting is not just a skill to be mastered; it’s an ongoing journey of self-discovery and growth. By embracing authenticity, practicing mindful preparation, and actively engaging with your audience, you can transform presenting from a daunting task into a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience. So here’s to falling in love with presentations and savoring every moment of sharing your ideas and expertise with the world!

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